Tersivel - Embers Beneath The Spirit - A

Embers Beneath The Spirit July 17th, 2020 (SINGLE)


Credits and personnel
Music by Lian Gerbino, Franco Robert, Danny Ebenholtz
Lyrics by Lian Gerbino

Produced by Tersivel
Mixed and mastered at White Door Mixing, Malmö, Sweden

Cover artwork and logo design by Vito Rodriguez Christensen

Video cinematography by Lian Gerbino
Video post at Naked Mark Arts

Tersivel - Satyrs Wine Part II - Cover.j

Satyrs Wine Part II December 28th, 2018 (SINGLE)

Music by Lian Gerbino & Franco Robert.

Lyrics by Lian Gerbino.
Mixed and mastered by Lian Gerbino at WHITE DOOR Studio during December 2018.
Artwork by Lian Gerbino.

Tersivel - Worship of the Gods - cover.j

Worship of the Gods October 27th, 2017 (ALBUM)


01. Deorum Statui Cultum
02. Argentoratum
03. This Day with Pride
04. Live to Fight
05. Hymn to King Helios
06. Eleusinian Mysteries
07. Satyrs Wine
08. Dignitas
09. Proserpina
10. Bacchus
11. Walls of Ctesiphon
12. Vicisti Galilaee


Lian Gerbino – Vocals, electric guitar & acoustic guitar
Franco Robert – Keyboards, piano, accordion, backing vocals
Camilo Torrado – Bass, backing vocals
Andrés Gualco – Drums, percussion

Produced by Tersivel
Recorded at WHITE DOOR Studio
Drums recorded at ADVAITIC Estudio
Mixed and mastered by Lian Gerbino at WHITE DOOR Studio


Argentoratum December 4th, 2014 (SINGLE)




Lian Gerbino - lead & backing vocals, guitars.
Franco Robert - keyboards.
Camilo Torrado - bass.
Andrés Gualco - drums.

Music by Lian Gerbino & Franco Robert. Lyrics by Lian Gerbino.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Lian Gerbino at TRINACRIA MEDIA Studio.

Tersivel - For One Pagan Brotherhood cov

For One Pagan Brotherhood February 26th, 2011 (ALBUM)




01. As Brothers We Shall Fight
02. The Heathen Sun of Revenge
03. Far Away in the Distant Skies
04. High Germany - Erin's Jig
05. And Fires Also Died Away
06. Those Days Are Gone
07. Tarantella Siciliana
08. We Are the Fading Sun
09. Aeolian Islands
10. Cosa Nostra
11. Pagan Nation
12. Cruzat Beer House Song


Lian Gerbino - Lead and backing vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass and bodhram.
Nicolás Närgrath - Growls and backing vocals, electric guitars.
Franco Robert - Keyboards.

Guest appearance: Xandru Reguera - Irish bouzouki and additional guitars.
The drunken choir: Toribio, TreeBeard, Alfus, Klaus, Burk, TrollAlgo, Goluma, Glimpk and Snarf.
Session appearance: V. Fernández - Drums.

Mixed and mastered by: Lian Gerbino at TRINACRIA MEDIA Studio.
Recorded at: Bear's Cave Studio.