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"Weeping Iron Tears"


Taken from Tersivel upcoming album "To The Orphic Void" to be released on UPRISING! Records in 2022. Taking inspiration in mythology while infusing today's human struggles such as anxiety, depression, and fear of death, to create some of the most epic, suffocating and emotive heavy music; there is no refuting that Tersivel's 'To The Orphic Void' is a beast of a record. An album comprised of six tracks running forty-two minutes, it collects everything the band devotedly has created in this first step into new ground. "For us, the music evolved naturally to this new form, to this new (or very old) meaning," says vocalist/guitarist Lian Gerbino. "There's one concrete theme within the album and yet, it's approached by different angles and different feelings. It's a long reflection or worse, an ongoing reflection. 'To The Orphic Void' is the manifestation of that."

Digital single here: https://orcd.co/tersi-weep

Credits and personnel

Music by Lian Gerbino, Franco Robert, Danny Ebenholtz

Lyrics by Lian Gerbino

Mixed and mastered at White Door Mixing, Malmö, Sweden
Produced by Tersivel

Logo design by Vito Rodriguez Christensen

Music Video written and directed by Lian Gerbino

Video post at Naked Mark Arts